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Board & Train

2-week board & train

This program is designed for owners seeking a head-start to achieving excellent obedience from their dog & a healthy, happy mindset, both on and off-leash. This is an excellent option for those owners looking to work on their dog's overall manners. However, our focus will always be MINDSET over OBEDIENCE.

Investment: Starting at $1,700

3-week board & train

Does your dog have a few extra quirks? This program is designed for owners seeking a fundamental change in their dog’s mindset. This comprehensive program focuses on addressing your dog’s behavioral challenges. This program is for dogs with more severe behaviors, such as intense leash reactivity, minor dog aggression, minor separation anxiety, etc. This program is not one-size-fits-all, so please contact Emily to discuss the best program length for your dog. Your dog will need a lifestyle change with you when returning home. This program will be an incredible jumpstart in the right direction for you & your dog’s relationship.

Investment: Starting at $2,500

Price varies depending on the timeline needs of your dog.

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